Shed no more tears

The Battles over

Who won

Who lost

Now does not matter

The Life now gone

For what we cry

To give us Freedom

Is why they died

They sacrificed all they had

Respect not just this day

But every day

Their battle over

Remember them

To those that that shout “what Freedom”

And shout and scream

When Votes don’t go their way

Remember all those

That fought and gave their life

For the Freedom

And the rights

That we enjoy

And Take for granted

We insult their bravery

Remember them

For all they gave

Their loved ones left

To shed their tears

Remember them

Remember all those that fell

All those that survived

Their bodies and minds not the same

We cast them away

Trying to forget

They cannot forget

Their bodies and minds

A reminder day in day out

Remember them and be proud

Wars of the past

Wars of today

Wars that will come

Wars that Politicians

Plan and then deny

Those brave Men and Women

They’ll fight for all of us

For all that we moan about

Remember Them

Remember Them

And All They Gave

Remember Them

And Be Thankful,

For Their Sacrifice


14 thoughts on ““REMEMBER THEM”

      1. I stopped to buy bread yesterday and there was an older gentleman looking for just the right loaf of French bread. He had on a hat with lots of pins on it and I knew he had to be a Vet. So I talked to him. I confess I knew nothing about the places he described, but I shook his hand and gave him a hug. He lit up like a Christmas tree. They are so afraid they’re being forgotten…

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    1. That was so kind of you Cheryl, such a moving story, and yes you are right they are scared they are forgotten. You have your Vietnam I remember well and how when the boys/men came back no one wanted to know, a disgrace. I doubt many here remember The Falklands War and those that died and those that returned so badly burnt. What about the Korean War that’s forgotten, Aden (you probably don’t know that), Northern Ireland all those dreadful years. The list goes on and on doesn’t it.

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      1. It does take a toll on them Cheryl. They go out to fight young Boys they come back Men… Its so very sad about Korea because it is known as “The Forgotten War”, yet men fought and died heavy figures of death as well, Korea should be remembered. I bet that chap will remember always the Lady that stopped and talked to him.

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  1. Bran must not feel bad, oh Cheryl that was such a lovely warming thing for Brandon to do and that Vet was undoubtedly shocked and so pleased that someone was grateful and showed it, no wonder that Veteran became emotional. Jonathan was telling me, he had to work Sunday Remembrance Sunday, they observed the Two Minute Silence in the shop and he said the customers they had did as well, but right outside the shop door there was a group talking and laughing, some people make me sick. Please tell Bran that I think what he did was such a beautiful gesture that Veteran will never forget.

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  2. It is so hard to get our priorities straight
    Our wants from our needs
    Like children who can’t play with
    cause the game didn’t go their way
    We only remember the last thing we did
    And most of the time we forget
    where we come from
    How life touched us
    And how we need to touch back
    As always Sheldon


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