Now it all begins

The Christmas rush is underway

How I hate it all

Online shopping for the food

So much of it

Already booked

“Out of Stock”

Is all I see

Have I left it too late



Why am I panicking

My Turkey

Gammon ordered last week

But we feel we have to have more and more

Look for this

Look for that

Gives me such a headache


What about the Gifts

Oh hell I completely forgot them

Christmas decorations

December 1st in this house

They all go up

Three Christmas Trees

One in Hall, Living Room

And Landing

Makes me feel sick

All the lights that go on them

Guess who does that

You’ve got it


Preparing food

Preparing table

Preparing this and that

You feel your mind will explode

“calm down” my Sons say to me

“calm down, are you joking”

Frank Sinatra and all I love the music rings out to me

My Dog Daisy running around

Christmas Bow, she looks cute

She’s asking for her Dinner


Once the food is on the table

I see how happy all are

I sit back and sigh

“Was it worth it, I think so”


Enjoy your Christmas Shopping





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