“Misty Path”

It is like walking in mist

I see you at the end of the path

But the nearer I seem to get to you

The further away you are from me

But I see you

You are there

I reach out to you

Do you see me here

My hand extended to you

Darling take my hand

Pull me close

I see you waiting  there

I will walk this path

Through this mist

I know it won’t be long

When you will take my hand

I’ll be with you

On that path

No more alone


3 thoughts on ““Misty Path”

    1. Cheryl, one never knows. All those years ago when married to David, I woke one night all I could see was this literally Golden colour shining so bright it was like a circle a tunnel and the more I looked the more I was going into this circle, I remember clearly thinking this was Heaven and saying “I am not ready yet” – the circle seemed to slowly closer and the Golden colour surrounding me was fading. I know that is hard to believe for some, but with hand on Bible it happened. Of course what it was, was not me it was David, was I being told David was to die?


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