“The Journey”

One day I will be

On that road

That last journey

Will the sun shine

Or the Birds sing

As I pass by


The questions will be asked

And I will answer


What direction after that

I cannot answer

I will take what comes

And all I believe


Am I  scared

No, of course not

What is to be scared of

That final journey

Closer to you

Why should I be scared


The sun will shine

The Birds will sing

I will see you

On the road

My best journey




6 thoughts on ““The Journey”

    1. Yes, I have the DVD. Have you ever seen the film, if not you must look at it, beautifully shot great story, fantastic performance by the young Boy who plays Tom Hanks eldest Son and Tom Hanks what can one say an astounding Actor just love to watch him. Back to music its haunting isn’t it, as most Irish music of the olden days is. My Grandfather would sing all day long and my feet would be tapping or I would be dancing around, as long as my mother never saw. If you see the film at any time, watch out for Tom Hanks and Paul Newman playing the Piano, they wrote the music together, its so lovely.

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