“Thank You”

Thank You

Does not seem sufficient

To All those that

Attended The Remembrance Service

At London’s Cennotaph

This Morning

Then the Two Minutes Silence

When the Guns in Hyde Park were fired

And the sounds of them rang out

Across London

I have no time for the Royal Family

Or the Politicians

Who laid their wreaths

I cared for all those

That marched past The Cenotaph

And Laid their wreaths in memory

Men and Women who had stories to tell

Old Men and young Men

Stories of bravery

From hard fought battles

From memories of the First World War

To the Second World War, to the Falklands

To the Gulf to Afghanistan

Forgotten Wars like the Burma campaign

Like Korea, Aden, Suez and more

Where hard fought battles took place

And bravery was astounding

Lives lost

How can we forget

We must never forget, ever

Young men who have lost legs/arms/blinded

Young Boys that’s all they are

Yet they are proud of all they done

And rightly so

We should honour them

We should thank them

Not demonstrate when Elections or

Referendums don’t go your way

They gave so much

Suffer so much to this day

Those that came home

We should be proud

Not insult them

They gave their all

For us to have the Freedom

We all enjoy in this Country

And America

Where those demonstrations

Taking place this weekend

Are such an insult to all who fought

In Wars like the forgotten

Vietnam War

Where young men  gave so much

To come home and be ignored

They are all heroes

On This Weekend we say a special

Thank You

And Remember them

Remember all the bravery

Of those that died

And those that live in pain

With scars of body and mind

Remember them


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