“Three Day Poetry Quotes”

I have been invited by Angela  (see below) to take part in a Three Day Quote Challenge, please go over and have a look at Angela’s site, she writes such interesting Blogs.

Anyone who knows me will not be surprised at my first choice of a quote, it is by my favourite Poet and the Man that encouraged me and so many others to write, he was of course America’s biggest selling Poet, the late Rod McKuen.

“Eternity sneaks in

her arms full of wild promises”    –    From “Listen to the Warm”

Rod would always write with such sensitivity, drawing you in, it was as though he was just talking to you.  How true that quote is.



Nominated by angelacampbellx12   –   Thank you Angela, a lovely surprise.

I would like to nominate

The V-Pub

Cry and Howl

Impromptu Promptlings



10 thoughts on ““Three Day Poetry Quotes”

  1. Of course your first quote would be Rod’s! 😀 And a picturesque one at that! Thank you so much for the nomination. I just finished doing this challenge last Thursday — and that was my 6th time through! So I’m going to have to disappoint you this time. I’m all quoted out at the moment. But that you so much, sweetie, for asking. Catch me next time around in the Spring. Taking a quote break until then. {{{Anna}}}

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