“Autumn Afternoon”

Was it only yesterday

On the bench in the park

I waited for you


Chill in the air

Fallen leaves on the ground

Children playing with the leaves

Kicking their feet

Tossing the leaves in the air

And I wait, and wait


Looking for sight of you

Men with Dogs large and small

Walk by, are they alone

Or is that their wife

Seeing to their Child

And I wait, and wait

Will you come

On this Chilly Autumn day


Then in the distance

I see a hand

Raised high

All fingers erect

Is it you

I cannot see your face

There is mist

Or being London it is fog

Can that be you on this

Foggy London Autumn



As you come near you smile

I rush to you

You hold me tight

Kiss me fully on the mouth

Wrap me in your arms

So tight

I no longer feel cold

You are here, here with me

Tears in my eyes

You smile as only you do

In this Park

In London

On a foggy Autumn afternoon



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