Three Days Three Quotes Challenge”

This is my Second Quote for today, I hope you will enjoy it.

It is by Walter Winchell April 7, 1897  –  February 20, 2015

He was a very famous American Newspaper and Radio commentator.  He was a powerful man for a long time but ended up alone, a very sad ending.   He spent his final two years of his life as a recluse at The Ambassador Hotel (the famous last speech of Bobby Kennedy here) Los Angeles.  Larry King would observe him, he said that Winchell ended up typing mimeographed sheets with his column, handing them out at the corner.   When he died, only one person attended his Funeral, his Daughter.  Such a sad ending for such a fascinating man.

“A real friend is one who walks in

when the rest of the World walks out”

5 thoughts on “Three Days Three Quotes Challenge”

    1. Cheryl – They refused to attend his Funeral. People become jealous of others success and can be nasty. When they heard that his Daughter had said she would be the only one at the Funeral some said they would attend then, she told them “no”. Walter Winchell could make people and did, his words could give so much success, that kind of influence some don’t like. Earn little money and people like you, become popular and make lots of money, people vilify you.

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