“I Am Not Asleep”

Whilst I slept

So soundly

Was that you

That gently pulled

Me towards you

My head resting on your bare chest

The softness of your skin

Was I asleep

Can’t have been

For I smelt you

The soap you use when you shower

As my fingers moved around your chest

You felt so good, so warm

How could I be asleep

My bare body touching your body

Your hands holding my breasts

Fingers that squeeze softly my nipples

And I feel, I feel I can’t explain

This overwhelming feeling

For you, I want you, I need you

As your hand goes between my thighs

Fingers move slowly up and down

Those thighs that wait anxiously`

Until at last you reach your destination

Like a Traveller at last finding what they want

Your fingers moving slowly exciting me

Making me want more and more

For you does it feel good

How you feel my softness

My wanting, longing for you

Like silk cushions on a bed is how I am for you

Argh ooh argh are the only sounds I hear from my mouth

Whispered words in my ears your breath warm

My hand moving looking for you, long to hold you

My Hand finds you firm, waiting

I love your balls I love your Penis

Oh I love you

Your firm Penis, is it throbbing

Like an oncoming train waiting to enter the station

I feel your weight on me

No not heavy, I don’t care

I just want you there

And then just then

The Train pushes, pushes and pushes into the destination

It takes a while such a wonderful while

Now am I asleep, why ask I say

No I cannot be

Your mouth on my mouth

Your kisses, you sweep your tongue

Over my face, my neck my bosom

You hold me tight

Stroke my face my hair

I’m not asleep

How can I be

That Bird that swooshes from the garden

Into my bedroom each night

He stays and moves around

Then he will go…………………………………………..





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