“After All This Time”

There she was after all this time

Walking through the door

As she did as a young Bride

Far too many years ago

The strands of curtains

That fall from the windows

By the fireplace a broken Rocking chair

How did they leave that behind

She said with tears


She stood there transfixed

It was their Wedding Day

They were finally alone

Together at last they stood

In this doorway

The little house so prim and proper

Everyone had worked so hard to make it so

Thomas and Martha’s Wedding Day

Their Wedding night


“Come my Darling,  Martha

Let me show you our bedroom”

Martha blushed, just as Thomas did

Both innocent

Yet Martha believed Thomas had slept with a woman

Their bedroom, the large Iron bedstead

Top and Bottom

In the centre the bed

White Lace covers and Pillow cases

Rose Petals had been scattered on the bed


The little table by the bed

The glass bowl of scented Roses

The Oil lap ready for them

A fireplace all made up

Waiting to be lit

A chair either side of the fireplace

Draped on one chair Martha’s White lace nightgown

The other chair was Thomas White Nightshirt

But neither would be used this night


Thomas took his Bride in his arms

Martha was not shy, not scared

She trusted Thomas

No other man had ever been near

Thomas’s Bride or will, she said

As he kissed his Bride

Softly laid kisses one, two, three

Martha took his hand

Placed it on her chest

As Thomas looked at her and smiled

“Will you help me undress

And I’ll help you”

“Yes Thomas,  yes”

Martha replied


Taking turns

Thomas undone all the buttons

On his Brides Dress

Turned her around

Undone her bodice

Gently removing it

His young Bride’s Bosoms laid bare

Her niples firm, erect

Thomas held her bosoms in his large hands

His mouth surrounding each nipple

From one to the other he would travel

Martha sighed, her breathing increased

She was running her fingers through his strong hair


Thomas took Martha’s hands

To remove his jacket

Pull his braces down

Undo shirt buttons

Remove the shirt

There his Chest, fair hairs on chest

Her hands stroked his chest up and down

Then her warm lips were on the chest

He smelt and felt so good


They took turns in undressing each other

Until both stood in front of the other

Naked as the day they were born

Martha had never seen a man

Yet here she was with her husband Thomas

A new Bride

Discovering his body

Feeling his body on hers


And Thomas his beautiful Bride naked

Her body looked divine

Her rounded hips

Her little stomach

Her long legs

As his tongue discovered her thighs

His mouth and tongue on breasts

Nipples slowly sucked

His mouth discovering Martha between her thighs

She was soft and wet

And he felt himself rise


Martha sighed, she cried

Thomas took her hand

Let him hold his Penis

It felt hard yet she wanted it

She liked to touch and stroke it


Martha did not know what it would be like

Then she felt Thomas push his penis between her thighs

Into her, pushing all the time

Her stomach was excited

She never thought it would feel so good

So that she did not want Thomas to stop

Thomas so excited her

Made her feel special so special

She told Thomas not to stop


Two young lovers

Two newly weds

Discovering each other

Enjoying the flesh

Two young lovers

On the steps to a long life together

At least they prayed for that


A life together in this little house

Land farmed, food grown

Martha pregnant

One, two, three, four

Three fine Sons, one lovely Daughter

House of love of laughter, joy and tears

Children grown, Children of their own

Thomas no more, Died too young


Now here she stands

With her eldest Son, Thomas

One last time before Martha is to die

One last time

At their House

All the Memories



Thomas left his Mother

For a few last moments in the House

Martha Stepped into the bedroom

Remembered their first night

She left the house

But first placed a kiss on the wall

Shut the door to the house

With Thomas she left, like his Father

A fine man

Thomas and Martha

Their house, full of memories

That would forever last




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