“Truth, Hard To Accept”

Why is it for some

The truth

Is so hard to accept

They cling to each other

Happy in lies

The lies that will


Catch them out



Truth they find

Too embarrassing

Preferring to live on lies

Their whole life long

With one with all

No, never the truth


Damn them

The truth screams out

For I cannot, will not

Live on lies


I will be alone

The truth cries

Preferring that

Than those

That cling to each other

For fear they may

Come forth with truth


Be not ashamed

Words from the Heart

Others laugh and mock

Just heartless cowards

Truth will always

Learn to ignore

For there are some

Who recognise

How fine is truth

How inept are others








3 thoughts on ““Truth, Hard To Accept”

    1. That was like my Mother she lived a lie for 30 years, told me 30mins after my Father died she had never wanted me, all the beatings etc she would give me all made since. When she died Rob I said goodbye and for some reason apologized I was not the boy she wanted, told her I loved her she turned her back on me, she lived a lie inside she was bitter. She had made my life a lie as well.

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      1. She may have lived a lie and caused you much pain, Anna, but your life is no lie. You had no part in the choices that she made in life. Choose life, choose happiness going forward and don’t let anyone take that from you. It’s yours.


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