“Those Rows”

I think how we would row

Row over the simplest things

Then after throwing hurtful comments

Walking away

Banging doors

Just stand there

And realize how stupid it all was


Climb into bed next to you

Never would you turn the other way

Just look into each others eyes

Wonder why we would row

As we did


You would slowly

Stroke my face

And then my hair

As I would kiss you and say

“Are you sorry for upsetting me”

A smile would cross your face

“you are unbelievable”

you say


In your arms I was safe

Holding each other tight

Vowing “no more rows”

Well not until the next big time

Throughout the night

We were but one


If only we could see

What there was ahead

How wise we would be

We didn’t know

Your Horse that you loved so

On your Sunday gallop

You were thrown


“Accident” they said

I barely heard the words

Come from their mouths

Except those three

I can’t forget

“Ben is Dead”


No more rows

No making up

No Laughter

Yes tears

Those I can’t stop







One thought on ““Those Rows”

  1. I am only liking the expression. How can I like something so sad. Writing, is beautifully crafted. My condolences, and best wishes to you.


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