“Gales, Rain and Snow”

The whirling sounds at 3am

Strange how the rain fell

Only in the front of the house

The back no sign of rain


Swoosh, swoosh

The gales force winds

My heart thumping

No damage to the house

Or Garden please


Now this morning

All is quiet

Barely a leaf left on the Trees

Still fine rain is falling

No damage can I see


The Weather Forecasts

Are warning us of Gales

High Winds, Rain and Snow

Autumn gone, oh no

Winter here, so very cold


I fed the Birds and Squirrels

They all arrived, hungry

Squirrels grabbing Peanuts

Their little mouths bulging


I dislikes the Winters  now in England

The months drag on

And all the time it is so cold

The Rain falls, threats of snow

Oh to be somewhere

Where the Sun shines all the time

And I feel warm not too hot but warm


Dream on

As the rain continues to fall

The wind is starting to rise










4 thoughts on ““Gales, Rain and Snow”

    1. I never used to feel the cold until the Heart Failure and “Warfarin” which thins my blood. I hate the cold, even in the Summer at times I am cold. By the Sea, oh yes it really hits you at times. Down one side of my House its like a wind tunnel.

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