“I Often Think Of Him”

I often think of him

For some reason

Late Summer or

Early Autumn always comes to mind


Did we make the right decision

It could have been so fine

Maybe it would have failed

Can’t see why

I loved him

And I know he loved me


So shy he was but not with me

We would meet secretly

On Bond Street Station

He would wait for me

When I arrived

I would have to

Pass him by


Others with him, they knew me too

They would gossip if they knew

Discretion was the order of the day


The same Train we would take

But he stood one end of the Carriage

And I stood in the centre

Glances passed between us

Trying not to smile too much

My handsome Irishman

Black hair, blue eyes

And a smile that would

Melt your heart

Oh how he was divine


From the Station

To the Cafe

Finally together

We sat at a small table

Outside the cafe front


We would sit as close as we could

Talking quietly

Making the coffee last

Just to be together

Warm end of Summer

Early Autumn


He was gentle

He was kind

So softly spoken

I wanted him to be just mine


What time we had

Well it was precious

I hated to go home

Be questioned why was I late

To my Parents

A disappointing Daughter


He would return home

To his Wife

Yes he was Married

I knew the stories

That circulated

How he was so unhappy


He always had sadness in his eyes

Perhaps that is what

Drew me to him


He spoke of us together

Deep down we knew

It would not be

Now all these many years

That have passed by

I often think of him


My handsome Irishman

So softly spoken

Come the end of Summer

Early Autumn just ahead

Fallen leaves

That certain smell

My mind goes back

To Him

What I missed

Could have been

Letting chances slip us by

Fate had different plans


But I remember

With tears in eyes

That look that he would give me

Those eyes, they said so much

I feel myself breathing fast

Thinking of him now

Still wanting him

I miss him still

And wonder………………..


























4 thoughts on ““I Often Think Of Him”

      1. Cheryl, I receive the Company magazine every quarter, I always look for his name in the column “Deaths”, everyone who worked for the company their name goes there. So far, I have not seen his name but he may have moved back to Ireland and lapsed with his details to the company, who knows He was so lovely.


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