“Selfish, I Know”

She looks at herself and says

“selfish I know

But days like today

I just want life to end”

She copes

At least thats what others think

She is good at pretending

The pain is bearable

But if they knew

If they really understood

Deep down inside

How she is screaming

The pain relentless

Day after day

Hour after hour

So she cries

But wipes away the tears

When others arrive

Time to pretend

Thirty years of this pain

How much more?

So she reaches for the Gin

And tops the Gin in the glass with tonic

For an hour or so, if lucky

The pain may ease

Selfish, she knows and wicked to think this way

But not just physical pain, it reaches

Deep into the brain and its all you can feel

You can see, its totally relentless

Quick, wipe the tears

Footsteps on the stairs

So She smiles and pretends




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