“I Cannot Sleep”

I cannot sleep

so I sit and write,

words are flowing

don’t ever go,

words of love

for you

from me

I sit here

instead of sleep.


My mind

if only could wind down

and close my eyes

just for a while,

but I think of you

I think of love,

and all the time

the words, well

they do come.


10 thoughts on ““I Cannot Sleep”

  1. Oh I have slept, but so out of sync
    Prefer the dark, alone, allows I me to think
    Not of the day’s, now past me, gone
    But of rights all gone so, so wrong
    Then I came to you, your poem
    And realised the love you’ve shown
    Is for a lost one, your words have told
    Your words so strong, warm and bold
    Don’t stop writing of how your feeling
    My empathy I am not concealing
    Now if I am wrong, if I am so mistaken
    Please, forgive my misinterpratation.


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