“The Mist”

Watching as the mist

surrounds the Lake

water trickling

over rocks and mounds

the dampness of the air

quietness all around

not a sound of a bird to be heard

or a creature scuttling around


I look to you

as you sit there

upon your Horse

such powerful machine

that you control

you hold my reins

Yes, I am scared


I have never ridden

before today

I trust you

when you say

I will be ok

of course I will

I have you


We seem Β to be

swallowed by the mist

you lean across from your horse, to mine

kiss me and tell me

“you are safe and by the way, I love you”

as I smile



The mist seems to lift

and there above a blue sky

with the sun breaking down

the lake glistens

and all seems fine

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