“De Niro”

This will be brief, so don’t worry.   What a hypocrite the Actor Robert De Niro is, the other day the “on his way out” thank heavens, President Obama presented De Niro with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Accepting the honour is not why I call him a hypocrite, I do so because of all the vicious comments he made during and after  the election of President Elect Donald Trump.  What sour grapes to carry on as he has, and as others have too some ridiculous so called entertainers.  They reminded me of the bullying pathetic “Remainders” we had in my Country the UK after the Vote to Leave Europe.

De Niro is a hypocrite because of all he has said about the President Elect what is the problem of these people, jealous of all the money Trump has.

De Niro brought up a rundown area known now so well as Tribeca, which he had developed.  Did he play fair with any people living there when he bought it to develop?  All the money he made, still makes does it donate a fair amount to Charity?  All the businesses that have developed around this makes him so much money.

De Niro I once admired, he left his craft behind to turn to making  “crap” films but very lucrative $.   When De Niro runs down the President Elect he should take a close look at himself.   At least one well known well established, well respected  Actor/Producer/Director came out and stood for Donald Trump – that was Clint Eastwood.

Tom Hanks came out as well for Trump but soon turned the other way, fear of loss of money?

De Niro in developing his businesses has done no different than the President Elect.


11 thoughts on ““De Niro”

  1. The left wing in the US is having a difficult time coming to terms with the lowest influence the party has had since the 1920s. Actions have consequences and the liberal elitism and subsequent legislation alienated the working class.

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    1. Too true Rob. I don’t know your Politics and I would not be so rude to ask. As you can tell I defend the Working Class, always will. I came from Irish, Working Class background and I know how hard my Parents worked, I know as a young girl on leaving a Catholic School with working Class background we were not expected to achieve much – if you like we were the “fodder”, not much different now in the UK. For a girl it was working in a shop, being a hairdresser or if you were lucky in an office – I guess I was lucky I ended up at the Prudential. Then it was Marriage/Children/boredom and death. So much for “swinging sixties and London”, if you had money. So I defend the Working Class and when I saw how there were being ignored in America, how they were nothing to Washington, I was so excited when Donald Trump came along. Yes ok he said some things about women – come on there are men who talk like that always have. Then there are women who are even filthier in their minds then men, I know that I used to read and not understand (innocent me) what these women in the Pru would scrawl on the beautiful wooden panels in the Ladies toilets. Look at some of the “slags” apologies if the word offends but they go up to strangers and ask for sex, you have no idea what even a small Town like this is like of a weekend, my Sons won’t go out. What has happened to decency in women, the “feminine sex” not in this Country. We have on our streets Friday nights to Sundays, if you would like to see I’ll post some pics from the papers. Bill Clinton was a Saint of course. Its when Clinton called those hard working decent people “Deplorable” my blood was boiling. I like President Elect Trump, from the very moment he entered the political arena I liked him. I do believe he will make a very good President, will do so much for the Country, and such a beautiful First Lady – at last some Class in The White House. I wish you all luck over there, I just hope those that oppose come to their senses. The shooting of the Police Officers, its obvious what that is. Their poor families, men putting their lives at risk, they need President Trump. Rob, I’m off my “soapbox”.


    1. Well said Sir, thats exactly it. For me it has been so sad to see how the decent Hard Working People who made America what it is with their hard work with giving their loved ones to Wars, the Working Class had been treated like dirt. Then finally, along comes Donald Trump and he is listening, listening to all those desperate voices, the people have given him their trust. I like him I think he will be a very good President, he will do so much good. I don’t believe I will be proved wrong and I hope he does two terms. I said him for President the day he announced he would stand, my Sons said I was wrong, one said I was “mental” just wish I had put some money on him. I was right then and I believe I am right now. What that b…h Clinton did/said in calling all the Working Class “DEPLORABLES” in my mind that was the most disgusting thing to say and she paid the price and knows the reason why. When she refused to turn up to give her speech when she lost was unacceptable. America needs to work together, as we do here in the UK, if we don’t God help us all. At last you will have glamour back in the White House in the New First Lady, or soon to be. Its so exciting, I can’t wait for your President Trump and his First Lady to come to England, and I hope all those UK Politicians who said dreadful things about your new President will apologise. President Trump, YES!

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  2. I don’t think it has anything to do with left or right. It has to do with the fact that they are just alike and know exactly what the other person is capable of. That means they’re constantly suspicious of each other. And for good reasons.

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    1. Cheryl, I know you don’t like the decision of the Election, but the fact of the matter is you have President Elect Trump. Forty One years ago I did not like the decision made in my Country that we join the then “Common Market” but people voted, the others won we entered the Common Market, we just had to get on with it. This time I Voted OUT and much to my surprise as others, we Won and we are getting out of Europe, but those that lost could not/will not accept the decision. In my view these people need a bloody good kick in their arses. “You lost get on with it” thats what I say to them, they act like spoilt brats, bullying I should know I had some of it. I fear for America, if the President is backed what the hell are you going to do. You should all be working towards making America Great again, for the last 8 years Obama has stripped it of its values etc, he was a disaster a waste of space and certainly NO Friend to the UK. Clinton lost it simply because she used in my view the most disgusting word to describe People, Hard Working People who have given everything to their Country in countless cases their loved ones in Wars. Clinton and the “old man” are crooks 40 years plus, when she called the decent hard working People of America “DEPLORABLES” she lost and rightly so. I like President Trump, given the chance I think he will make a great President he will do a lot of good, but if the fighting does not stop and you don’t all pull together, well you pay the consequences – just as I am watching my Country being torn apart by those that do not believe people like me have the democratic right to vote and when I win that vote it should be dismissed. These “bastards” are tearing the Country apart, they are rich students who don’t give a damn, “rent a mob”, and those so full of their bloody selves they think they know it all and they don’t. We have to stand up and be counted not let the bullies win. Your Country now has something I have longed to see restored to America “Hope and the chance to make America Great once more”. As for us Theresa May has to fight off these people trying to destroy everything. Cheryl, no offence to you intended in any of this.

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  3. This on going situation
    Is going to be happening
    For some time.Any time a situation arises and people are unhappy they will exprest their feelings. Free speech isn’t as free as it use to be


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