When I read that post today

it reminded me that

I had read the same thing

earlier in the year


I was embarrassed then

as to what I was reading

but tried to think kind thoughts


now reading the same

post again

I have to say outloud

albeit to myself



I am not embarrassed now

I just find it ridiculous

that someone could

have such an ego as that


Maybe its me

I tend to retreat

shall we say

yes I do write about my past

it is the truth

hard to believe


Even I at times

when I think back

“how can that have happened”

but it did, it was now

looking at my childhood and adult life

up until “Freedom” about 10 years ago

a nightmare, I somehow survived

and if I have any major faults

the first has to be

I can’t lie

you only have to look into my eyes

they will tell you the truth


I get embarrassed

when I receive nice comments

I am grateful, but quietly say

“the compliments are for me?”


Takes me back

why I cannot understand

some people

who believe they are

so important


Sad really, or not

in this particular case

I refer to








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