“Rosa and John – John and Rosa”

They had been friends for years

Jane was widowed

Bill her late husband

was friends with John

both served in the Army

during World War II


Whilst serving in Italy

John met a beautiful

young Italian girl

called Rosa

they fell in love


and John brought her home


Well the years went too quick

they worked hard

when John was diagnosed with a Heart condition

Rosa looked after him like a child

the Doctor always told him

“You have your own nurse”


John lost Rosa

she died of Cancer aged 52 years

John was beside himself

he loved Rosa so much

just the two of them

no children


Jane and Bill had four Sons

four fine Sons, like Bill

when the youngest Son was just 8 years old

Bill became ill and died

Lung Cancer they said


So there they were John, no Rosa

Jane no Bill

one Friday in the month

John would go to Jane’s

for dinner the kids

still around

loved “Uncle John”


John  was quiet and not used to noise

but he enjoyed these Fridays

especially the great roasts Jane would cook

and talking sports with the kids

they would sit after dinner

Jane and John and talk of the past


After all the years being a Widower

John still felt emotional

talking about Rosa

he still loved her so much


After dinner this particular Friday

as they sat drinking coffee

Jane said “John, how many years have we

known each other”

“Too long” said John laughing “why do you ask”

“well I was thinking as I washed up, Bill has been gone

quite some time now, as has Rosa” said Jane


John turned suddenly looked at Jane

she couldn’t quite make out the look on his face

“can I ask you something John,

as we are good friends for such a long time” asked Jane

“go on, ask your question” said John fearing what it was


“why have you never asked me out, never kissed me,

I mean really kissed me” enquired Jane

John’s look was perhaps her answer he was shocked

he looked disgusted she thought, but he answered

“well Jane, I am still in love with Rosa

always will be, there could never be another woman

for me, no one could replace Rosa, frankly I’m

surprised you don’t think the same about Bill” said John

His tone had changed and Jane felt upset


“I understand John, well I think I do, but time moves on

we are both alone, Rosa and Bill are gone John

we must think about us” said a tearful Jane

“that maybe how you feel Jane but not for me, the day

I met Rosa my life changed, she changed me

I never thought about another woman after Rosa,

I can’t she is still there for me always will be, I am just waiting

until I can be with her again” said John  his voice strong determined


There was no more that could be said

in that instant Jane knew she had spoilt their friendship

they drank their coffee and watched the news on tv

as they always did and John left the same time

he kissed Jane goodbye as he always did

and drove home to his Rosa


As Jane waved him off

she knew in her heart

there would be no more Dinners

John was glad as he always was to get home

but this time he was extra pleased


As he made himself his usual whiskey and water

he sat in his chair, where Rosa would sit each evening

and he in the other chair, they would hold hands

and just talk until bed and then make love or just

cuddle ass they did in later years

he picked up the favourite Black and White

photograph he had of Rosa not long after they met in Italy


there she was not as tall as him

a lot younger, this beautiful young Italian girl

John looking smart in his Uniform

Rosa in a pretty lavender littler flowers cotton dress

John remembered it well

Her long dark hair, tied back

with a black velvet ribbon

her dark eyes

her pale skin so flawless


John kissed the photograph

“I’m home Darling

I’ll always be here Rosa

no one can take your place

just wait for me Rosa”

John laid back in his chair

and fell asleep

his whisky glass still with a little whisky in it

John clutched the photo of Rosa to his heart

just as he did every night

John and Rosa

Rosa and John


The next day

Tommy his friend down the street

they played Golf every Saturday morning

and had lunch together after

talking away about Army days,

Tommy knocked on the door no answer

he knocked again “come on John I am waiting here”


No answer “hey John you ok, come on open the door”

Tommy looked through the Living room window

there in his chair was John, asleep thought Tommy

he knocked on the window still no answer

George next door came out wondering what was wrong

“I can’t get an answer John is just sitting there” said Tommy


“Hold on I have his spare key in the house,

we have each others, you know our age emergencies

I’ll go and get it” said George

Martha, George’s Wife appeared “what’s wrong George”

“not sure” said George, “get John’s key babe”

Martha obliged and with Tommy, George unlocked John’s front door


They stepped into the Living room

“John” they called, but no answer

there sat John in his chair

Rosa clutched to his chest

At last no more pain

he was with his beloved Rosa

John’s two friends Tommy and George

with Martha standing at the front door

the two men looked at each other just two words “he’s gone”

Friends from a bygone time, a decent time

they had tears in their eyes for their friend

But for John he was now happy

He was with his lovely Rosa

Rosa and John

John and Rosa








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