“Single White Rose And The Virgin” Warning; Sexual Contents.

One single White Rose

petals starting to fall

no other roses in  the garden

strange how this rose

stands proudly alone

as though waiting

waiting for what


waiting perhaps

like a Virgin

on her Wedding Night

innocent and in her mind

the thoughts run through

what is to happen

no one told her


cream negligee

lays drooping on the bed

there he stands

her Husband

naked yet she does not

cast her eyes away


he takes the negligee

lays it on a chair

lifts the sheets on the bed

stands there smiling down at her

looking at her body

longing to make her his

then he lays next to

his Virgin Bride


she does not pull the sheets back

to cover her naked body

she trusts this man she has married

he kisses softly his bride’s lips

and runs slowly so slowly

his right hand around her body

feeling every part of her soft white skin


She closes her eyes

as he holds gently

as though she were a doll

her breasts in the palms of his hands

kisses them, takes each nipple

one at a time

now firm and erect

strokes each one

“oh” she goes

“did I hurt you” he asked

“no it just made me feel so warm” she said


like the Rose waiting

this young bride

is waiting for her husband

as he places each nipple in his mouth

she sighs softly not understanding

these feelings inside of her

the bubbling

the throbbing she feels

inside her virgina


“Look at me darling” he whispers

she looks to him as he kisses her

suddenly she cries “urgh, urgh”

as he runs his hands

on the inside of her thighs

his fingers feeling around her

she does not know, know what?



his fingers are inside her

he whispers “I felt the moss

and its nice and damp

now I’m in the forest”

she’s soft, she’s wet she does not understand

but she likes what he is doing

she likes the feel of his fingers

the sensation of it

she trust him

she likes how she feels underneath


should she feel embarrassed

everything her mother said was sacred

she now has given to her husband

and she likes it

he takes her forefinger on her right hand

and places it inside her, she

she has no words


But knows she trusts him

whatever he does

as he takes her right hand

places it over his penis

taking each of her little fingers

and touching his penis

it is so hard

she feels these

overwhelming feelings


He pulled the pillows from under her head

pulling her down flat

she feels his tongue running down her body

she feels so excited, but why, then

she feels him lift her thighs

gently moving them apart


his tongue oh the feel of his tongue

excites her as he licks

the inside of her thighs

slowly up and down

one after the other

dare she think it

she is panting she is hot

she places her hand on his head

holding his hair tight

as his mouth, his lips

his tongue feels her inside

the most unimaginable pleasure


as his tongue moves around

finding his way through the forest

she squeals with delight

she is tossing her head sweating

everything inside her is jumping up and down

she does not know

she is experiencing wonderful  orgasims

all she knows is she wants more and more

gripping him so tight


Is it wrong

no it cannot be she says

as his tongue

makes her feel she never wants him to stop

she holds his hair tight

“not too tight, I’ll end up bald”

he stops she loosens her grip

he laughs


she felt him on her

he kisses her mouth

his eyes smile she loves him

“am I too heavy on you”

“no she whispers” waiting, waiting


suddenly then

she felt this hard thing

“your penis” she said softly

“yes, I won’t hurt you” he said

there he was inside her, all the way

into the forest he pushes

she couldn’t think, she was so hot

the sweat was running from her forehead

down to her neck onto her firm breasts

he was pushing, push push push

he was moving fast, push

looking at him reaching for him

her fingers pressed in his back


as he makes her feel more and more

hot, she cries out, he strokes her face

“are you alright” she nods quickly

“are you sure baby” he enquires

“oh yes, yes I’m alright”

she never imagined it could be like this


when he stops he takes her in his arms

holds her tight, kisses her so gently

whispers “are you sure you’re alright, I didn’t hurt you did I”

he strokes her hair, she says “no, never, I love you”

he smiles, kisses her eyes then whispers

“I love you more, more than you could ever know”


She is glad she was a Virgin

his Virgin, this was her gift to him

glad she did not know anything

he will teach me and I will learn

she trusts him


As she feels his body

running her hands over him

how soft the hairs on his chest

how firm his chest feels

his breasts, she bends her head

kisses his chest

as she ran her fingers over

every part of him

she ran her hand

to his penis

feeling his balls

“careful I might just start all over again”

said her husband

“I don’t mind” she said

as she held his balls

and took his penis in her hands

stroking it

then she raised herself up kissed him on the mouth


she suddenly wondered

what it had been like for her mother

did she enjoy it all, as she just had

and now longed for her husband

to make love to her again, now

did her mother just lay there

and let her father do what he wanted

or was her mother like her, excited

she can’t ask

her mother would  not answer


she was his

now he is hers

like the white pure Rose

the petals have dropped

one by one

that Rose can never be the same

but everytime

a new bud will appear

and a new rose will be there

ready to be picked and enjoyed

see how the rose can give

so much pleasure


as with the virgin bride

when her husband kisses her full

takes her breasts one after other

in his mouth

“as a baby sucking at the mother’s breast”

she says quietly to him

“but you’re my baby and I want you”

as he lifts her thighs high

wraps them around his  back



The Rose will blossom everytime










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