“Time After Time”

Summer sun

sitting all alone

doll to play

daisy chain for her hat

Grace Kelly’s wedding

on tv

memories that’s all they are


John Wayne at the cinema

after school we would go

sandwiches, cold meat

from Sundays joint

in the garden, all alone

I’m John Wayne runnin around

Indians chasing me

summer sun

memories, that’s all they are


Years roll by

nothing changes

summer sun

brought a bikini

late teens was I showing off

never got the chance to try it out

“bikini, take it back to the shop” mother said

summer sun, all alone

memories, that’s all they are


Heard a song

changed my life

bought a book on poetry

fell in love

alone, no more

write, write, write

thats what the book said to me

memories, mine alone


Marriage, anticipation

oh no, let down

still alone

marriages can be so

stayed the course

“until death us do part”

still alone

but not lonely

memories that’s all I have


Summer sun

a child, a young girl, a woman

all the years have gone

memories that’s all there are

good, bad, indifferent


But I write

and write and write

my words I am never alone

one song, one book of poetry

kept me sane, kept me strong

kept who I am

memories are mine to hold




I hope you like this song, its my absolute favourite song.  Johnny Mathis with the wonderful, unforgettable Henry Mancini.




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