“Goodbye Sweet Friend”

There he was

On his chest

his little head turned sideways

in the little Birds water bowl

poor thing, eyes open

Grey Collared Dove

You were Dead


How I shed tears

when these Birds hit my windows

and break their necks

there he laid, blood on beak

so soft to the touch

kept checking

for his little heart


No, there was no sign of life

nothing that I could do

except to bury

my garden Friend

a new spot I now have

where one Sparrow

and Blackbird rest


Scattered around the garden

little graves

obvious only to me

my Friends gave so much pleasure

the least I can do

is bury them


Even “Cyrils” the Squirrels

when they die and hardly any I find

except a few years ago

two babies had fallen

into water barrell, I was so upset


So dear Grey Collared Dove

you rest in peace

and I will remember you

on the bird table roof

waiting for your chance for food


Goodbye little friend

and thank you

for the joy you did bring

to my days

watching you

goodbye sweet friend





Thank you to Paul Dinning – YouTube

4 thoughts on ““Goodbye Sweet Friend”

    1. No I have not, I keep having trouble finding you, I know you gave me details. There are several posts of people every time I go there all it says is “page not found”, I think I have lost one really nice chap because of it.

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