“There Is No Grave”

There is no Grave

on a sunny afternoon

or cold winters day

to visit

to stand and remember

good times and bad

there is no grave


There is no grave

to stand and weep

Only Ashes scattered

far away from here

in a Country

once well loved

overlooking green valleys

and blue crystal clear lakes


There is no grave

that I must visit

ashes cast out to Sea

carried on Summer winds

sent with love

and sadness for so much

love that you did not want

or even seem to need


There is no grave

you decreed there not be one

you wanted your ashes

scattered in a far lost land

Darjeeling was your dream

but it could not be reality


There is no grave

for me to weep

only memories left

of those times when

ashes cast to the wind




This particular piece by James Galway holds happy yet tearful memories for me.  My late Husband and myself along with our two small Sons were on holiday one year in Ireland and  had Dinner one evening in a Hotel in the famous Kinsale, West Cork.  Our eldest Son, then aged 8 years asked the Pianist if he could play “Danny Boy” for his Mother and Father as it was their favourite (especially James Galway on the Flute).  Much to our surprise the Pianist announced “Danny Boy” was for “Anna and David, from Jonathan and David”, needless to say there were many tears.




2 thoughts on ““There Is No Grave”

    1. Cheryl, I grieved for 16 years after David died, then one afternoon I discovered the truth behind the way he was to our Sons and myself – I grieved no more, all the love I felt was gone in an instant, it had all been lies and more lies.

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