“Poetry Afternoon”

It is Sunday afternoon, the end of another week, people are tired and just want to relax.

Today I am returning to a favourite Poet of mine,  James Kavanaugh, the former Priest who walked away from his Church.  His story is well known by now.

There are two poems I would like to feature;


“In The Center Of Your Soul”

There is quiet water

In the center of your soul,

Where a son or daughter

Can be taught what no man knows.


There’s a fragrant garden

In the center of your soul,

Where the weak can harden

And a narrow mind can grow.


There’s a rolling river

In the center of your soul,

An eternal giver

With a rich and endless flow.


There’s a land of muses

In the center of your soul,

Where the rich are losers

And the poor are free to go.


So remain with me, then.

To pursue another goal

And to find your freedom

In the center of your soul.



“I Saw My Face Today”

I saw my face today

And it looked older.

Without the warmth of wisdom

Or the softness

Born of pain and waiting.

The dreams were gone from my eyes,

Hope lost in hollowness

On my cheeks,

A finger of death

Pulling at my jaws.


So I did my push-ups

And wondered if I’d ever find you,

To see my face

With friendlier eyes than mine


The following first item is a remarkable piece not only words but music.  Read with such sadness/emotion by Sinatra.  It came from an Album “A Man Alone” that Sinatra had commissioned, the only entire album written by one man, that Sinatra ever commissioned.

The words and music were written by a man, whose passion was contained in each of those words.  At the time this album was not given the credit it deserved, yet Sinatra would praise not only the album and words/music but the man who wrote it all, the very underrated Rod McKuen.   Rod McKuen a close personal friend of James Kavanaugh.

I hope you will listen and enjoy it.














2 thoughts on ““Poetry Afternoon”

    1. No, I will see if we can do something, I have the actual DVD (well I would wouldn’t I!) of “Man Alone” that Rod wrote for Sinatra, the only album ever that Sinatra commissioned that was written and music composed by one person. Its a great DVD, Daisy and myself often listen to it having a coffee and she her biscuits, she hears Sinatra’s voice start and runs into the kitchen and sits and waits for bickies.

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