The Stranger At The Other End Of The Bar” – Sexually Explicit.

Luisa had been busy, non stop, all day at work.  She had been through two rather argumentative meetings, something she could well have done without.  Feeling the way she did, she thought “for once I am going to stop off at a Bar and have a drink for myself”.  Luisa should have made her way home, even though she knew her Husband would not be home, certainly not for dinner so why stop to buy some food for a meal she said to herself.  Patrick would probably spend the entire evening out on another “business meeting”.

Luisa, as she walked towards the avenue, spotted “The Avenue Hotel”, she had never been inside and saw this as a great opportunity to try it.  The Concierge opened the door for her, she smiled and asked where the Bar was “over there madame on the left”, she thanked him and headed for the Bar.  “One Vodka and tonic on ice please”, as the barman smiled “certainly madame”.  A single woman so to speak and the men around the Bar well she knew what they had on their minds.

As she sipped her drink she rang home, twice, no answer, then tried Patrick’s number after several tries he answered “hello darling, you alright”, “not really Patrick, had a bad day, thought I would have a drink for myself, where are you”, “still in the office should be another hour at least, do you want to stay where you are and I will pick you up or do you want to go home and I’ll see you there later”.  “Probably go home Patrick” she answered and “when you get in Patrick, no doubt it will be so late, I’ll be in bed, don’t wake me darling”, sounding disappointed, Patrick said to his wife “that’s fine, I won’t wake you, see you in the morning then, sleep well” he said. “I will see you in the morning too”.  With that the calls ended, “may I have another Vodka and tonic on ice” she said to the Barman .

Luisa was tired and thought to herself, “why the hell don’t I stay here for the night, I really could do  with the rest and get an early start in the morning”.  She called the Barman over, “do you know if there are any rooms available” she asked “not sure madame, its Friday quite busy, but I am sure if you go to the desk they will help you”, “thank you” she said to the Barman, tipping him.  Luisa made her way to the Reception Desk and when she approached the young woman behind the desk she smiled broadly “may I help you madam do you have a reservation”, “no not yet, I am hoping you may be able to help me, do you have any rooms available”, she asked.  “Actually” she said, sounding pleased ” we have just had a cancellation in the last few minutes, we don’t have any rooms left but we do have a suite that was just cancelled”, Luisa thought for a few seconds and then “yes that will be fine, at the moment one night maybe two, better book two” she said she thought to herself, what the hell am I doing.

Chapter Two  –  “One Suite, two nights”

“Do you have any baggage Madam” she was asked, “no, sorry just what you see, but I see the Hotel shop is still open” said Luisa, “oh yes Madam, closes at 11pm” said the receptionist.  Luisa was shown upstairs to the suite, everything pointed out to her, including the view which was excellent, as she tipped the young man, he handed over the keycard.

“I must be mad” she thought, “mind you this is rather lovely and why shouldn’t I spoil myself”, she put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door, kicked off her shoes, suddenly remembering she needed to go to the Hotel shop, she certainly needed some lingerie, so downstairs via the lift again to the shop.  “Good evening Madame, may I help you with anything” said the lady serving, “yes indeed, I need some lingerie, just booked in unexpected for a couple of  nights, so obviously I am caught out” Luisa said.  “Bras, panties, stockings, negligee perhaps” asked the woman “negligee perhaps” said Luisa, she always slept naked but you never know staying in a hotel.  When the assistant had sorted out the sizes for Luisa she said “I have had some rather nice Italian lace bras and panties in, would you like to see”, “indeed” said Luisa.

The assistant did in fact produce some beautiful lingerie, the bras underwired which Luisa liked, gave her that lift, the bras in black that she showed her sheer lace very sexy she thought, “what the hell do I want sexy bras right now for” Luisa asked herself but quickly  heard herself say “yes I like that very much with matching panties” she asked, “of course madame” said the assistant.  “Do you have the bra and panti in natural skin colour” asked Luisa, the assistant produced exactly that and “stockings madam” “oh yes, black please”.    Looking around Luisa spotted this rather sexy negligee, pity Patrick’s not here” she thought, calling out to the assistant “do you have this in my size, black please” “yes I do” said the assistant.   “Now I need a dress, nothing too fancy just for a meal here this evening, can you suggest anything” Luisa asked, “yes if I may” said the assistant ” going to a rail she returned with this rather plain but beautifully cut Black dress, short, three quarter sleeve, low cut but not too low “would you like to try it perhaps, it is your exact size” said the Lady, Louisa headed to one of the changing rooms, removed her Red office dress and slipped on this gorgeous soft Italian designed simple Black Dress “just as I like, well cut, no fuss, love the neck yes it showed her breasts not too much but this she liked, as she appeared from the changing room “oh madame its like a glove on you, suits you so much, as though made for you specifically” said the assistant.  Smiling Luisa knew they were just words but she was already in love with the dress “yes I’ll take it and some plain black leather heels to match please”.   Well  Everything so carefully placed in tissue paper and boxes, Luisa’s card was charged and thanking the assistant, Luisa headed back to the suite, but first asked Reception to book a table for her for 9pm.

She opened the boxes looking at all she bought “forget the cost” she said to herself, smiling she ran a bath, a lovely hot bubbly bath, the scent was already wafting around the suite.  Luisa laid back in the bath closed her eyes and thought forget today, forget Patrick, well at least for a few hours.  The Hotel, as expected supplied good quality bath products, she squeezed a fair amount of the Argan Oil Rose bath gel on the palm of her hands and smoothed all over her breasts, her nipples  her neck, her thighs – thinking how right now if Patrick was here he would be doing this for her, laughing “he does have his uses, oh yes indeed he does”.  She let herself slip under the water and up, as she stood she felt her breasts they felt so smooth, she carefully stepped from the bath, the water dripping from her naked body, little droplets of water falling from her nipples she laughed to herself, she reached for the towel to wrap around herself.

Luisa took her time in drying herself, drying her hair – she was not one for makeup so she never had to waste time with that.  When dried she stood there naked looking at the lingerie, which colour she thought, “black or flesh colour”, she decided Black, slipped on the panties they felt good then she sat on the couch and  with the body lotion from the bathroom she smoothed some onto her thighs smoothing it all over her thighs inside and out, a job Patrick always liked to do, he would, mind you it pleased her so much they always ended up making love. “Stop it” she thought, “stop it” she would say to Patrick as he creamed the lotion onto her thighs, “I am on my own here”, she slipped on the stockings they had an elastic top she never liked suspenders, she knew Patrick did but then most men do, but she hated them on her the feel of them.  Carefully she smoothed the stockings.  Now for the bra she said as she picked it up it was rather nice and sheer lace it felt so smooth, she put it on fixing her breasts inside the cups, “even though I say it myself, this all looks good” she muttered.

She brushed back her hair after drying it and slipped on the beautiful Italian Dress, it was smooth terribly smooth, as it fell over her body it was as though it was draped on her fitting her body so perfect, ” if only Patrick was here right now”, she felt tearful but then too many times he was never in a hurry to get home.  I deserve tonight she said.  She sprayed her Lancome perfume slipped the bottle into her bag along with some tissues, slipped on the shoes, even they were like a glove, Italian Leather, “this has cost a fortune, but I’m worth it, Patrick can pay for this lot”.  There she was out of the suite door and heading downstairs.

Chapter Three  –  “Would you care for Dinner Madame”

Luisa even had to agree she looked good, she felt good and she was enjoying the attention she was receiving, perhaps not from some of the women, she said acknowledging looks and “evening” from many of the Guests.  She went to the bar ordered a small Gin and Tonic and the Barman enquired if she had booked a table for Dinner, “yes thank you I am booked for 9”, she answered – “I will tell you Madame when the table is ready” said the barman, “yes thank you so much” she answered him, as she waited she heard “good evening may I buy you a drink” she turned this rather handsome man stood there, “that’s very kind, but actually I am waiting for my table”, “oh I see, perhaps later” he said smiling, “perhaps” Luisa said.

She noticed this man sitting at the end of the Bar he had looked in her way several times, but looked away as though shy, she did notice he had fair hair and blue eyes, smartly dressed.  She was called for Dinner and made her way to the Restaurant, she had noticed the man at the end of the bar had left, he looked sad she thought, perhaps a woman, “oh I have enough of my own problems why am I worrying about him” she said to herself.  Heads turned as she felt she was gliding across the restaurant floor to her table, “its the bloody shoes” she silently said.  The waiter came and gave her a rather extensive Menu and asked if she would like the Wine Waiter,  “I would like to choose first if that’s alright with you” she asked, “of course” said the waiter.  Luisa sat there “my goodness, all I want is something simple”, the waiter returned “would you care to order” he asked, “yes I’ll have the Pasta and smoked salmon with the orange and lemon glaze, a small green salad and a glass of house white is fine thank you”, “thank you Madame” he said smiling.

Luisa glanced around the restaurant, “no” she uttered as she spotted the sad looking man the man with the fair hair, blue eyes sat at a table on his own like her.  There he was all alone, maybe someone will join him some leggy woman, but no he was alone.  “Try not to look” she kept telling herself but could not resist it, and every time he would raise his head and glance at her, not smile just glance, but then she had not smiled either.  The Wine appeared as did the water, followed shortly by the Pasta/smoked Salmon and green salad.  It was very nice, nothing wrong with it, she enjoyed it, she had two cups of coffee after, all the time the quiet man remained at his table, glancing at her, she did finally bring herself to smile and he did return the smile.  The waiter came she signed the bill placing it on her room and as he walked away “where is he she said to herself” the man had gone the quiet shy looking man he was gone.

“What do you expect stupid”Luisa thought, she entered the lift, there were two other couples she passed pleasantries arrived on her floor and went into her suite.  Taking her new Italian Leather Black Shoes off, she put some music on, there was a selection of smoochy music, jazz to listen to “well at least it will help me sleep” she said, thinking “I’ll make myself some tea, listen to some music and go to bed, but she could not get the face of that sad man out of her head”.

Chapter Four  –   “May I come in”

She was just about to slip her new dress off, and a knock on the door, shocked her for a few moments “who the hell can that be” she thought, she looked through the spy hole and quickly stepped back, shocked so shocked.  She could not believe it, she opened the door, it was him, the quiet man the man at the end of the Bar, the man in the Restaurant.  “calm down Luisa” she quickly said to herself”.

“I hope you don’t mind but I couldn’t keep my eyes from you, I wanted to say something all evening, at least introduce myself”.  Luisa ushered him in, “how did you get the room I was in” asked Luisa, “money as they say buys anything” said Patrick, then she did something, she could not believe what she did but she did – she found herself standing there kissing him, he held her tight and kissed her back.

Her mind was a blank all she knew was she felt this strong desire for him she wanted him, she wanted him to  take her clothes off slowly very slowly and then kiss her all over before making love to her, after that, well after that she hadn’t thought about what came after that……………  “Yes I have” she thought, we can share the bath or the shower, all she knew was she longed for him, as she ran her fingers through his fine hair along his neck taking his jacket off – “what, stop there” she said he smiled “actually its you are trying to undress me before I got the chance to undress you”, she felt so embarrassed but he smiled as he removed his jacket “its fine, really its fine, I would like you to undress me as long as I can do the same to you”, she smiled back “yes of course, but only if you want to” she asked.  “I want to, I’ve wanted to all evening, since the moment I saw you in fact”, she blushed she felt her cheeks burning.

“I saw you at the end of the bar, you  were so quiet, you looked away when I looked at you” she said, “only because I didn’t think a woman as beautiful as you would want someone like me” he said softly, “well you’re wrong” she said, not believing what she was saying, well she did believe it, she wanted him but was this her saying these things.

Luisa undone the buttons on his shirt, after removing his tie, she ran her hands over his chest it was strong he had all this hair on his chest, as she slipped the shirt off his shoulders, he said to her “don’t forget the cufflinks on the sleeves” and he undone them as she removed the shirt, he kissed her then stroking her face, he slowly undone the zip on the back of her dress let it fall from her shoulders, as he kissed her these soft perfumed shoulders, she shuddered, “are you alright” he asked, “yes, I’m fine” said Luisa.

Chapter Five  –    “You’re a very sensual woman”

Luisa stood there, yes she wanted him but here she was standing in front of him, dressed in this black lace lingerie, just feeling so hot tingling at the feel of his fingers, his lips on her, as he felt her breasts kissing the top of the breasts then undoing the back of the bra until it dropped to the floor, he stood there looking at her taking her breasts one at a time, slowing holding each one his mouth full on her bosom, her nipple in his mouth as he licked it slowly and she sighed, she undone the belt on his trousers, undone his trousers, pulled the zip down  pulled the trousers, they dropped he stepped out of them.  He placed her hand on his penis, she felt it hard.

He was kissing her, on the mouth kissing her breasts her nipples now they were firm they were erect.  She loved the feel of him as she kissed his face,  she felt his hand under her crotch, right then she wanted him in her, he slipped his hand inside her panties “oh please, oh” she sighed, “do you want me to stop” as he rubbed her his fingers in her, she laid her head back his mouth over her breasts it was wonderful, it felt so good and she still had the bloody stockings on.

He lowered her panties, sat her on the bed, and lifting her right leg he slowly rolled down the stocking, as he finished  he gently and slowly rolled his tongue from her toes to the top of her thigh, doing the same with her left leg, only when he reached the top of her left thigh, he laid her back on the bed and with his tongue, “oh please no, no” she cried, “do you want me to stop” he asked, “no I don’t mean it that way, I mean it feels so good you have no idea” she said, “yes I do, you’re so soft you feel so good, it pleases you” he asked, “it pleases me” she said.

“Help me up please” asked Luisa, “is there something wrong” he asked of her, “no nothing, I haven’t’ finished undressing you”, he smiled at her, quickly  pulled his socks off having taken his shoes off before she undone his belt.  Luisa pulled his pants down there he was hard, erect, so firm  – he felt so good in her hands , “are you going to make love to me”,  “I certainly am” he told her with a smile.

She laid on the bed, he pulled the pillows off the bed, pulled her down to him , there he was on her “too heavy am I”, “no not really”.  Her legs were bent at the knees, he moved her thighs aside his hair touching her stomach as he placed his mouth on her, in her his tongue going around and around she was turning from side to side then her legs were high around the back of him as she softly screamed he pushed  he was so good he felt wonderful it was good so good  too good could it be too good “yes” she screamed as she pushed  her fingers into his back as he seemed to be faster, faster she couldn’t even think, it was so,so like the it was with Patrick a year ago, the feelings inside her, this had to be the best orgasim she ever had, “the best” she said out loud.  He ran his tongue over her body cupping her breasts, taking them in his mouth, she liked the feel of his mouth his tongue on her breasts, all over her she liked his tongue on every bit of her body.

After he held her close in his arms playing with her breasts, her nipples as she played with his balls, why couldn’t sex, love be like this all the time.  All she knew was she wanted him, as he kissed her full on the mouth, her hands rubbing his chest, her mouth on his breasts, “I like that” he said as she wanted him again and again.

Chapter six  –  “We needed this”

She left the bed, went to the bathroom, when she returned she stood naked by the windows, looking at the view of the River, all lit up.  As she stood there she was thinking of tonight and all of this and how it felt, she was supposed to be a strong determined woman, right now she felt weak, wanting him, wanting him all the time this man, she wanted him to hold her to make love to her, to hold her breasts in his mouth, to have his tongue feeling deep in her, to have his penis driving, pushing like a train so fast  strong determined, racing to its destination more and more.

Then she felt his arms around her his lips on her neck, his hands holding tight her nipples squeezing until she went “ouch”, “oh baby” he said “I’m sorry”, “no its alright it excited me, don’t stop” she said.  He held her left nipple, his right hand stroking her his fingers inside her she turned her head kissed him, “why can’t it always be like this” she asked, softly he answered “I don’t know”.  He was stroking her inside, she was hot sweating, she could feel how firm he was he was behind her, she turned placed her right hand on his penis, holding it tight.  Her mouth on his he lifted her up placed her on the bed her legs around him as he  was like a locomotive again the more he pushed the more she held him tight the more she wanted him, the more she squealed, the more he drove and drove.

They slept until late morning, there was no rush the room Luisa had booked for two maybe three nights, definitely two nights, she kissed his eyelids and sat across him waking him as she kissed his mouth, his fingers found her breasts, his hands held the breasts as each nipple he flipped up and down with his tongue.  “Do you want me to stay with you” he asked Luisa, “do you want to stay another night, or maybe even longer” she said to him, as he continued to play with her breasts, then his right hand slipping under her, his two fingers feeling how soft how wet she was, he couldn’t leave this woman it wasn’t just her body it was her he wanted her he wanted to devour every bit of her, make her his and his alone. “I want to stay, I want to stay all the time until we no longer want each other, but for me that won’t happen” he said to her then kissing her on the mouth, he was inside her just as she wanted, she couldn’t think her mind felt fuzzy, she just wants him so much wants him in her whenever they can, back and forth she went.

As they laid there he told her, “this really made us realize, or maybe me realize, what we had what I was doing to us, business came first, but it can’t Luisa” he said as he kissed her, and she held him close.   “When I walked into the Bar and saw  you there, I couldn’t take my eyes off you and you were mine, I saw the attention from other men you drew, but you are mine as I’m yours”, Patrick told her.

“It wasn’t just you darling” Luisa said, “it was me as well , she said, “too busy at work when did we ever go out, when did I last wear such lingerie like that”, “from now on all the time I hope, I still haven’t seen you in the other colour” asked Patrick, “you will, I’ll make sure of that” she said  Patrick looked at her, as she said “seeing each other differently falling in love again or realizing how much we were in love”, “Luisa, I’ll always love you, we have to take time for us, look how much we want each other, not just our bodies but us” said Patrick.    Maybe all husbands and wives should do something like this, said Luisa, “after all take a good look at my parents, they are still together but at a cost, won’t divorce but share so little together, I don’t want that for us Patrick” as she hugged him and cried.  “That won’t happen to us, might run out of hotels to use, but we shall stay together and in love” answered Patrick, as he rolled his wife over “now do you want to have some fun and games or shall I make passionate love to you” Patrick asked, “love me always love me darling” Louisa answered. My body is yours, as yours is mine” said Patrick, “we will never belong to any others”, she said.

“When we leave here, do we leave separately” asked Luisa, “if you want to, keep them guessing” said Patrick.  ” “Right now, I was just wondering if you were hungry because  now I could do with a bite”, laughed Patrick looking at his wife, nibbling her ear loaf Luisa lifted herself up looking him she said ” then you can keep nibbling on me, I’m hungry but just for you” she said Patrick kissed her, pulled her down nearer to him lifted her legs and slowly pulled her legs apart as he then ran his hands up and down the inside of her thighs, his tongue suddenly appeared on her thighs as she sighed he rolled his tongue from bottom of her thighs to the top exciting her, as she gripped him and this time shouted “yes, for you”, “you ready because” taking her hand she felt him, “YES” she screamed and they laughed.  They had forgotten how good they had been together, they needed to book this suite, any suite, again and again.  “We can always practice at home” said Luisa, “we will as soon as we get home, I want to see that other lingerie” Patrick told her.  They had this second chance to stay together.   Love like this only came once in their life, they had to hold on tight.

So cool, Tony Bennett, just close your eyes and remember “its all possible”.


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