“One Doughnut, That’s The Truth”

Feet up

tv on

cup of tea

oh so English

is that

a good thing or bad

not too sure

once I knew

now I don’t

At least I voted Bexit

Bit of politics here

does us good


Feet up

cup of tea

tv on

“what rubbish shall we watch”

Special treat to eat

Jam doughnut

“this is bad for me

Diabetes 2, oh so what

I deserve a treat”


Feet up

cup of English tea

tv on sound off

“maybe it looks better that way”

oozing jam from doughnut

how I love that so

sugar falling on the floor

Daisy wants it all


Feet up

Cup of tea

tv off at last

doughnut gone

fingers sticky

and jam dripping all from me


Well I’ve worked hard today

deserve a break or two

coffee, tea, coffee, tea

that’s my excuse for you

Daisy’s supper

“I want a treat too” she barks

“I know sausages on the grill pan go”

and I must shout a

“Sausage Alert”




Well It’s Christmas


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