“There He Sits”

Alone he sits by my window

I turn I see him

My Blackbird

there always there

what is he telling me

if anything at all

yet I know he is

day after day

weeks go by

months go by

years go by

and he is still there

what will I do when he goes

I know I will feel a loss

at his departing

alone he sits

And I see him

My Blackbird

my messenger



I hope you enjoy this, from another great film by Clint Eastwood, a wonderful score.  Clint singing sounds like the late Rod McKuen in later life.















6 thoughts on ““There He Sits”

    1. Clint and Rod went to the same School but Rod did not finish school he ran away from home aged 11 years. He always carried a journal around with him and wrote everything down, taught himself everything he needed to know. Clint finished school. They were friends and strangely Clint likes Poetry don’t know if he writes any but in many films he is heard to quote a poem or two. I like him very much and admire his work so much. I hope you are wrong about the Cancer, throat Cancer (well any Cancer) is dreadful – I know my Father and Husband died from Cancer.

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