“As I Touch Your Face”

As I touch your face

my fingers find your lips

lips that open to be kissed

I raise my body up

until I feel your breath on my face

like a gentle breeze

on a warm summers afternoon

and my breath over yours

I lower my head

and lips touch

soft kisses one, two, three


I look at your face

your skin is soft

a man should be rough, or not

but yours is soft like a  petal from a rose

running my fingers across

feeling every crevice

just like the first time

when you kissed me

and I touched your face

do you remember

do you remember where we were


You turn me over

and you are facing me

soft bed under my body

you turn take hold of the duvet

pull it until it falls to the floor

your naked body on mine

as your hands explore

this way that way

more and more


Lips that surround my nipples

you suck on them like a baby

on his mother’s breasts

partaking of the milk that she carries

you suck at my breasts

for the pleasure they give

your hands sweep across my body

I move my hand down to find you

but you have found me first


Like entering a wood

slowly carefully treading

your fingers turn this way that way

I cry out to you

you find my mouth

kiss me and whisper “I love you”


All the time exploring

deeper into the woods

searching  until you find it

“it” being the feeling you give me

as this overwhelming feeling

I am throbbing, throbbing

the most wonderous feeling

like the sea rolling in

my hands on your back

pressing hard into you


You leave the woods

then return

entering slowing at first

your are stronger firmer

and then you push further and further

and deeper and deeper

as though running faster and faster

I scream out, not with pain

pleasure sure undulated pleasure

passion, I want you


Its just as though the waves from the ocean

have crashed against the rocks

to have you inside me

I don’t want you to leave

as the sea comes crashing more and more

you are in me

I’m in you

why can’t we stay like that

but it ends

your hold me tight kiss me

I stay held tight in your arms

our bodies melted into each other

even when we are away from each other

and I think of you

the same feelings run across my body

I throb for you, longing for you to be inside me

the orgasim begins even though

we we are parted

I think of you


Great film “Play Misty For Me”, Clint Eastwood his directorial debut.  Roberta Flacks “The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face”





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