“Christmas Is Coming, Now Aren’t You Pleased?”

Well I managed last night

to hang some more Fairy Lights

put the small Christmas Tree

up in the porch

as for the other Trees

they will have to wait

putting off writing

the Christmas cards

my youngest Son said

“are you ever going to get them done”

so this afternoon with pen to hand

my box of cards spread

across the table

I write the cards, “no don’t believe it”

I’ve run out of cards

every year the same

more Charity cards to buy

but I wonder as faithfully

I buy the cards for the Donkey Sanctuary

The Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue

The PDSA Animals

and don’t forget

Royal British Legion and “Mind and how many others

do the Charities actually

make any money from the cards

I doubt it very much

but we feel obliged to do out bit nevertheless

its Christmas, Christmas

nearly here, ring the bells

put on those smiles

pour the drinks, make mine large

push the Turkey in the oven

prepare the trimmings

oh yes sausages for Daisy

excuse me for a second


no I am not quite mad

well not yet

after Christmas maybe

but that’s to be seen

its 22.26 still more work to be done

just washed up that’s out the way

I’m getting better

bed used to be between 3am and 4am

BUT NOW I’m doing well

its 6am can you believe

I am mad, its then three hours sleep

if lucky, why do I do it

I have no idea

but I cannot stop thats for sure

never mind

CHRISTMAS is coming

as the tv adverts keep telling me



Andy Williams, now sadly gone.  I have this album and yes it still gets played.  Fantastic, I thought it was just going to be one song as I asked for, but no looks like the entire album that’s if you want to listen to it.  This is cheering me up, perhaps I better put my Reindeer Ears on, give the neighbours a treat (just as well you don’t know what I mean) no I have not had a G&T yet……………………………………………….”Sleep Warm”








8 thoughts on ““Christmas Is Coming, Now Aren’t You Pleased?”

    1. I see Cheryl, you made me laugh. If I stopped poppet I would never move again, my legs are so stiff and painful the damn Osteoarthritis, hell I sound as though I am in my 70/80s (I won’t get that far), bad enough being in the sixties now I’ve said it. Sometimes I do feel I need a battery charge, not coffee!!


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