“Naked Bodies Warmed Each Other”

Quickly you passed through the door

you slid beside me in bed

you were cold, and moved your body

closely into mine

our naked bodies soon warmed

as your hands glided over my body

and I stroked your face

smoothed your hair

and kissed you

you were sad and needed comfort

I knew why and gave you comfort

like a child you  needed love

wanting, needing, loving

I fulfilled them all

you slept still in my arms

exhausted, how I loved you

several hours had passed

you woke

made love to me

to feel you once again inside me

made me need you

you slept once more

as I stroked your face

and ran my fingers through your hair

and nibbled your ear

that you so love

then I slept still wrapped in each others arms

when I woke you were gone

until the next time

My Darling



This is a remarkable adaptation of this beautiful song, the wonderful Elvis this makes one tearful.


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