“New Item – Song Of The Day”

This is by the late comedian Victoria Wood, she was a lovely Lady inside and out who sadly Died this year far too soon.   This was one, if not the most popular monologue that she wrote and performed.

For those that did not know Victoria Wood as an all round entertainer, Writer and  a well established and wonderful Actress.   She is so sadly missed in this Country, her closest friend who often appeared with her was Julie Water, the Actress.

“The Ballad of Barry and Freda”  written and performed by Victoria Wood.



This is an idea my youngest Son had very late last night for me to put out “not for long” I think I hear you say, who knows.  It’s just a bit of fun to the runup to Christmas, when we all get stressed out shopping, hanging the decorations, dropping the bloody drawing pens hanging up the Fairy Lights, I know.   Anyhow, sit back, get a good glass of wine or whatever and feet up enjoy and laugh.




2 thoughts on ““New Item – Song Of The Day”

    1. I am so pleased that you liked it Cheryl, I was not too sure. It was a great shock here in the UK when Victoria died, she was early fifties/cancer. No one knew she was ill she kept it so private which was her business. She was a really lovely happy woman, such a tragic loss.

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