“Best Christmas”

My best Christmas Memory I had, giving Birth to my First Child, a Son, Jonathan back in June 19, 1979 and this was to be his First Christmas.

I remember the day I put the Christmas Tree up, as Jonathan sat in his playpen with his “Nanny” our ever devoted Rhodesian Ridgeback “Tara”, the look on my Sons face as I talked to him telling all I was doing and you could see the excitement, then I put all the Fairy Lights around the Tree, took Jonathan out of his playpen and sat him on the floor alongside him is ever companion Tara.

I switched on the lights and the little squeals of delight that came from Jonathan and Tara joining in, in her own way, I lifted Jonathan into my arms and showed him all the little figures on the Tree and at the trop the Fairy, he loved the twinkling lights and was trying to jump up and down in my arms, his little hands reaching out to the Tree.

That look on his little face I shall never forget, it was for me the best Christmas I ever had, despite I had been Married on December 27, 1975, this was the BEST.  If only, if only I could turn that damn clock back to those moments with my Child those happy moments, forgive the tears, I usually cry a lot.

Four years later I was to give birth to my second Child, a Son and my last Child “no more my Husband said”, I would have given anything for Four Sons.  I did between Jonathan’s birth and my second Son, David’s birth I had a Miscarriage.  I was only in the early stages but I remember the night I started to bleed, I was sitting with my late Husband on our sofa and said I had bad pains and I thought something was going wrong, I recall how “sympathetic and caring” he was he told me “nothing I can do about it I’m going to bed” and he did, the next morning I lost what I believe was a Daughter.

My Second Son was born on December 19, 1983 the finest Christmas gift I ever had.  Strange how December for us holds happy but sad memories.

Married December 27, 1975

My second Son born December 19, 1983

David, my Husband died of “Small Cell Cancer” December 15, 1994

David was Cremated December 27, 1994

Our Wedding Anniversary December 27


So there are moments when memories flood back, happy and sad, smiles but mainly tears.

I hope you are all preparing for the big Day, and wish you a “Merry Christmas”.



The wonderful, late Andy Williams, there are not many songs of his, that he does not have me crying – such a romantic voice.   All the very best to you all.


4 thoughts on ““Best Christmas”

    1. Yes, but I didn’t plan the exact date of my Son’s Birthday or the day David would die, December 23 the day David was Cremated was chosen by the Priest as it would have been late January and he did not think that would have been good for the Boys or myself,so that was that David did choose the Wedding Date, not me. Originally he had chosen November 22 but the Registry Office had double booked, so he chose December 27 for some reason and once booked told me.


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