“My Hand In Yours”

“Take my hand”

you said so softly

I placed my hand in yours

how warm it seemed, strange

I trust you

and will go with you

wherever you wish

“I will take care of you”

you say with that smile of yours

and I know in my heart

that you will

with my hand in yours

I will go with you

I trust you, I love you.





My favourite composers of all time, Henry Mancini and Johnny Mercer.  This is just so beautiful, what with that stunning Audrey Hepburn such a beautiful Lady inside and out.  So Romantic (there I go again, Romance) so tearful.  Hope you like it.


8 thoughts on ““My Hand In Yours”

  1. Lovely, from poem to song. Moon river, as sung by Andy Williams, would play frequently by my mother. It’s so ingrained in me, that I recognize it by its opening chords. A beautiful song for the ages.

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      1. Really? You don’t know Hugh Jackman from Australia! Marvelous actor and a hell of a singer!!! Here’s a video of him doing “Oh What A Beautiful Morning” from Oklahoma. He does a LOT of Broadway. I bet you’ll recognize him. He’s all over the BBC.


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