“Question Time”

The BBCs “Question Time” has been running now since around 1998, it is hosted by David Dimbleby, eldest Son of the famous “Richard Dimbleby”, who was not only the name, but the voice and face of the BBC.  He was everything that was good about the BBC.  Yes, it can be said they are still good but nothing compared to how they used to be, they need to take a close look at themselves before it is all lost.  After all the BBC hid, panicked when the scandal of the serial Paedophile Jimmy Savile broke, he too was the face of the BBC, he was given unlimited access to Children and young women and young men as we now know.  Everyone knows that the BBC knew more about what went on, it was common knowledge at the BBC what Savile was doing.  He got away with it all, died when years ago he should have been charged and locked up for life.

Richard Dimbleby, I think I am correct in saying, he accompanied The British Army when they discovered Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp, the end of World War II, it was April 1945 when the British Army found the horrors that awaited them, Dimbleby reported back to the BBC, it is as you can imagine very well known.

I always watch “Question Time”, as does my youngest Son, most times we see it together when he is helping me wash up after dinner.  Or he is working, or I am upstairs in my bedroom.  It starts about 10pm maybe 10.30pm and runs for about 1 hour 30mins, although sometimes it appears longer than that.  It is mainly Political, there is an audience who ask guest panelists questions.

Without boring you,  the panel with perhaps the exception of two of the panelists, one was UKIP founder and good Friend of America’s President Elect, Donald Trump, Nigel Farage the other was the far left writer Will Self.

Apart from the questions on President Elect Donald Trump, the one question that had the audience in stitches and those on the panel including the Chairman David Dimbleby.  Britain’s NHS was mentioned and one elderly man sitting in the front but to the side of the panel asked about what would the NHS do if they lost the foreign staff in those  awful words people use “Old Peoples Homes” as far too many call them, I prefer to call them “Retirement Homes”.

Well anyway, this elderly Gentleman said something like “well the whites won’t do the work and what I want to know is who will work in the car homes if we restrict immigration.  So basically he was asking “WHO’S GOING TO WIPE MY ARSE”.

The audience erupted into laughter as did the panel.  Here at home my Son and myself could not stop laughing, actually my Son was laughing so much he had tears coming down, especially when I said to him “after what nearly 20 years of this programme being on the BBC all someone was interested in was “WHO’S GOING TO WIPE ARSE”, can you believe that” I said but my Son just kept shaking his head roaring with laughter and still the tears running down.




Just a sample of a previous programme.



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