Did anyone see Channel 4 “Four in a Bed” this week, for me its time to switch on some rubbish TV make a cup of Tea and relax for half an hour.

This week’s episodes really annoyed me, in particular one individual, his name was Kevin Patel he was young and ran “The Duxford Lodge” in Cambridgeshire.  He was one of the rudest I have ever seen on this programme which has run for some time now.

The idea of the programme is that each contestant goes to the others establishments stays the night, samples Breakfast the following morning and then leaves their comments and then how much they would pay for the accommodation, knowing the charge for the room already.  End of the week it is all judged the winner is the one who has been paid the most.

Without going into each Bed and Breakfast accommodation, I shall cut to the chase and explain that when this Kevin Patel from “The Duxford Lodge” went to sample the other contestants accommodations he was more than nasty, but what was a shock on the Third day was when this Patel individual went to stay at “Riverside House Hotel” in Chelmsford, Essex – not that far from where I live.  This chap had taken, on the very first day a personal dislike, or shall we say a “hatred for the Manger “Ged” of “The Riverside Hotel” and his Restaurant Manager, “Suzanne”, for some reason I suspect jealousy.  Which was unjustified and a mystery as to why.  On the morning of departure from the Hotel he actually committed “Criminal Damage” to one of the walls in the bedroom.  He used his elbow to scrawl “K P WAS HERE” and arrows, I was so shocked to see this but all this character did was laugh and joke about it and even boast, to the cameras.  For me I felt the producers of the programme should be sued by The Hotel for the damage to the room, a room that would lose revenue to the owners, it would not be able to be used until redecorated.

On the last day when Ged revealed what this Kevin Patel did, the latter just smiled, the others were so appalled, I just hope that not only the Hotel should sue the programmes producers, but this Kevin Patel should be sued for Criminal Damage and even reported to the Police for this damage.

This is not family viewing tv this is encouraging others it shows them how funny it can be to damage someone else’s personal property.  I would have slapped this Patel’s face for him, he really needed a “kick up his backside” one arrogant, idiotic, full of his own shit.  An extremely detestable character.  TV has a responsibility, but these days it seems “anything goes” never apologies and we as a Country – the UK have lost so much of all those standards that we valued.  Too many “do gooders”far too much Political Correct crap, we need to return to our values, we are far too soft in this Country – far too many think they can do what they want, no discipline anywhere.

I did not mention his accommodation, Patel’s that is, well it was awful in very poor condition, old fashioned.  He messed up the Breakfasts, could not cope despite he has his “team” more damn nonsense.   But for me what disgusted me was he had absolutely ruined the front of an original Manor House by putting up those stupid Columns people seem to install onto the front of their houses these days.

If nothing else Chanel 4 need to make a public apology along with this rich man’s Son, for “Daddy” owns the Hotel, he runs it for the Father.   I am glad to say on the last day Patel and his hotel ended up last, GOOD.





One thought on ““Stupidity”

  1. What a loser! Totally agree that the show should be sued for damage, fancy allowing that to happen but bet their ratings went up and that’s all its about for them. The more controversy the more will watch it.


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