“At Last”

“Don’t I know you”

he asked of her

She shook her head

but he persisted

extending his right hand

in the hope she would accept it

she did in fact take his hand

the ice was broken

“I’m Alex we were introduced last week”

he said to her, smiling softly

“really, I don’t recall”

she answered

“yes at the book signing do you remember”

she smiled and he was captivated

“I remember now Alex, I’m maggie”

they stood and spoke until she said she had to go

“really, would you like a coffee with me” suggested Alex

“I can’t right now, I’m sorry” answered Maggie

Alex looked and was disappointed

“but maybe later this week, if you can make it”

said Maggie with a smile

handing him her phone number

the smile returned to his face

and he told her, slipping his card

into the palm of her gloved hand

“I will ring you and I look forward to it Maggie”

said a pleased Alex

She turned and walked away

“she will look back, I know she will”

said Alex looking to the sky that had cleared

from its grey clouds

to the blue sky and

powder white clouds

there she was

she had turned around as he said

he smiled at her

she smiled back

and gently waved her right fingers at him

“I’ve waited a long time to speak to her

to make her notice me” he said

and waved back

“she is interested” said a broadly smiling Alex

on a late Summers afternoon

with people coming and going


Say no more, the best……………




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