“Kew Gardens

As we walked along the path

the scent of the flowers

were heady

your left arm around my shoulder

I had to ask you to stop

“whats wrong, are you alright”

you asked looking concerned

I looked into your eyes

my left hand placed on your chest

you gripped it tight with your right hand

I nodded I was alright

all the time the scent of the flowers

were wafting past us

as the breezes blew

I let go of your hand

and placed it on your face

you looked down at me

and I kissed you just lightly on your lips

you took  my face in your hand

and kissed me full on the mouth

my body had turned round to yours

we would feel each others body close

and there in Kew Gardens

by the Japanese House and its Gardens

I wanteds you so much

as you kissed me

with the scent of the flowers

still in the breeze

“lets go home”, you said

“lets go to bed” you smiled

“yes, quickly” I answered




My favourite Song of all times.  Sung by Perry Como.  Lyrics written by Rod McKuen, Music by Francis Lai.  The music was given to Rod by his friend Petula Clark, Rod wrote the lyrics and the song was given to Perry Como to record, he had a massive hit here in the UK.  Rod, himself recorded the song sometime later.  I hope you enjoy.





2 thoughts on ““Kew Gardens

    1. Lucky you, I can understand your Mother. Perry Como was well loved here in England, I remember when young having to watch The Royal Variety Performance for the Queen (I am not a Royalist) it was so boring, except when Perry Como would appear, I always thought he was a nice man.

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