“Songs Of The Day”

The Beach Boys, I listened to them every opportunity I could, on my little red radio. My elder sister had the record player I had to ask permission to play my few LPs I had.  (These days I collect my own LPs and have my own player)., and there were very few occasions when I was allowed to use it, and only then with her standing over me.  I never had enough money to buy my own. The “Beach Boys” were to me “America” and here in dreary England at that time, “The Beach Boys” were all Sunshine.   Never mind “swinging London”, yes it was if you where in the right place at the right time, you had plenty of money.   It was not like that for everyone,  I left College and headed for employment.  I worked in London – Chancery Lane, Holborn, London WCI it was in those days.  I loved working in London, London is a beautiful City – although now you have to look carefully for the real London, the Old London.

It was not all sunshine for The Beach Boys – drugs/booze/women they undoubtedly enjoyed it all, some paid the price.  The music was not to everyones taste, but it was bright, it was fun it had hope and exciting future and fun ahead, written in the words, and the fabulous music.  Never really works out that way!








Enjoy  –  The Beach Boys.







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