“Stay, One Day”

He never heard the bedroom door open

let alone her enter the bedroom,

but there she was

she had come tonight,

he laid there just looking at her

she bent down put her fingers to his lips

as though to say “dont speak, quiet darling”

he watched her so carefully,

where she was standing

the windows were behind her

it was a full Moon

and it appeared brighter than normal,

her body could be seen

through her sheer negligee

her full bosom how beautiful she was,

she just lowered the straps

of the negligee from her shoulders

and the negligee fell slowly to the floor

she stepped out from it smiling

and stood there as his eyes

travelled up and down her body

her nipples erect

as though they were waiting

waiting for his mouth,

he pulled back the duvet

and she laid on the bed next to him

he wrapped his arms around her,

kissing her face her neck

stroking her hair

his mouth finding its way

to those full breasts and those,

those erect nipples that cried “yours”

“they are yours”,

his right hand slipped

between her thighs

she was warm, she was wet

she was waiting for him

their bodies pressed together

she felt his penis erect, hard, hers

how many times did he make love to her

like it always was, as he loves her

he must have slept

when he woke it was nearly dawn

and she was standing by the door looking at him,

he knew she would return

she was his, she would come back

whenever he needed her,

and he needed her last night,

soon perhaps, who knows

they will be together

and she will never leave him,

as she does now.






The fabulous film “The Umbrellas of Cherbourg” and theme “I Will Wait For You”,  if you ever have the chance to see this film, maybe old but they are the best, do look at it.






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