“Through The Fog”

She stood in the midst

watching, waiting

was that him in the distance

she had stood here now for some time

just like the day he left

it was misty that afternoon

or was it fog

seems so many years ago now

she gets his letters

not that often

and he tells her he is keeping safe

and that he loves her

more than anything else

he longs for her

his body aches thinking of her

as does her body when she lays on her bed

her double bed

all alone at night

thinking of him

she runs her hands down her naked body

and aches for him

now as she stands here

is that him

is it?

There, about to walk on the bridge

then he will be coming home

after all this time he will be coming home

and they need not ache for each other

there, can you see him

through the fog, he’s coming………………….






Enjoy  –  reminds me of Ireland and “Grandad”





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