“Going Home – Bears”

Another Christmas Advert, I hope you will enjoy, it’s just a bit of fun  –  I hope!!

London Heathrow Christmas Advert  – the bit where the Bears nearly fall on the gondolier trying to get their suitcases, that will be me next year trying to get my suitcases off in  San Francisco Airport, I’ll probably will “go round and round and round”.  Enjoy





9 thoughts on ““Going Home – Bears”

    1. It is brilliant. I just adore Bears real ones and stuffed, (toys that is not real ones shot and stuffed). I collect them. I sign every petition to stop the barbaric cruelty to Bears, hoping it will make a difference.


    1. When David saw that advert he called out to me “that’s you next year in San Francisco Airport, I can see you going around and around as people are trying to pull your legs off” he was laughing so much, I think its an omen!!

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