“How Did It Happen”

She sat there wondering, what next

with the keyboard in front of her

the internet screen blank staring at her

waiting for her words, “what words” she said

she started to type and type and type

word after word appeared

and she could not stop herself

when she read what she was putting

well no she was not shocked or surprised

it had just appeared, how, why?

and she liked what she was reading

sex, no not that, not just raw sex,

“raw sex” she said “why have I said that”

it was erotic, the words she read

they were erotic, filthy, no not filthy

sexy, yes sexy exciting, erotic

and she couldn’t help herself

on and on she typed

the room had been bright

when she started typing that morning

now it was dark she had not noticed

the mug of coffee sat by her on the desk

one solitary Digestive Biscuit

her treat with the coffee

sat alone, not even a nibble

“now that’s an idea, he nibbled her,

yes I can use that” she said

cold, stone cold coffee

how many hours ago did she start this

she could not remember

but she was so enjoying it

“as his tongue rubbed her breasts

played with her firm nipples

she moved away from him

to the end of the bed

where she sat playing with his penis and balls”

“I can’t put that” she said as she removed those words

and as quickly as she had removed them

she retyped them

“as her tongue found his penis and she……………..”

“STOP” she screamed “I certainly  can’t put that,

exciting though, I feel so good” she said

“just the thought of it. “YES”.” she shouted

As she continued, her dog who had been asleep in her bed

rose and came to sit by her legs

“woof, woof” said the dog

“you hungry darling, won’t be long

just let mummy type this bit about

his hand sliding up her thighs and as his

two fingers slid into her

she was soft, warm, and rather wet,

it excited him, he felt

so aroused and waiting for him

how she was waiting for him

and he thrust ……………………

“OK your mealtime darling”

as she went to feed her dog

and smiled to herself

and said “I enjoyed that”





Chet Baker, such a talented Man, such a waste of talent.  Baker had a very sad, mysterious death.  Questions regarding his death have never been answered satisfactorily.





3 thoughts on ““How Did It Happen”

    1. Thank you Rob, well my Secret is out. I sat here one day telling about a bit of my life and my Marriage of course and I cried, as usual, and thought how much I missed and so wanted to enjoy. My Husband was 30 years older than me, I thought him sophisticated, came from a disciplined Catholic Family, wanted Marriage and lots of Babies. I finally got out of my “Cage” but the freedom was not what I expected, it was cold and I had to continue dreaming. So I get to my age, my mind is still young and silly at times and I still have the feelings, and passion and tears and I just sat at the blank screen and it just all happened. It is so important to me that you and others enjoy it, makes me want to write. Now I hear you saying “is she ever going to stop talking”, so I will. I appreciate all your kind words Rob.

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