“Song/Performer For The Day”

Victor Borge    –    Real name Borge Rosenbaum

Born    –    January 3, 1909.  Copenhagen, Denmark.

Died    –    December 23, 2000 aged 91.  Greenwich, Connecticut, U.S

Other names  “The Clown Prince of Denmark” – “The Unmelancholy Dane” – “The Great Dane”

Victor Borge, as known, Danish and American Comedian, Conductor, and Pianist who achieved great popularity in Radio and Television in the US and Europe.

Rosenbaum was born in Copenhagen, Denmark into a Jewish Family.  His parents Bernhard and Frederikke (Lichtinger) Rosenbaum were both musicians: his Father was a violinist in the Royal Danish Orchestra and his Mother a Pianist.  Borge began piano lessons at the tender age of of two and it soon became apparent that he was a prodigy.  He gave his first piano recital when he was eight years old.  In 1918 he was awarded a full scholarship at The Royal Danish Academy of Music.

He Married his first Wife, Elsie Chilton in 1933, after divorcing Elsie he married Sarabel Sanna Scraper in 1953 and they stayed married until her Death at the age of 83 in September 2000.

Borge fathered five Children, who occasionally performed with him):  Ronald Borge and Janet Crowle (adopted) with Elsie Chilton and Sanna Feinstein, Victor Bernhard (Vebe) Jr., and Frederikke (Rikke) Borge with Sarabel.

Borge Died in Greenwich, Connecticut at the age of 91, after more than 75 years of entertaining.  He died peacefully in his sleep a day after returning from a Concert in Denmark “It was just his time to go” Frederikke Borge said.  “He’s been missing my Mother terribly”, she had died only three months earlier.   Per Borge’s wishes his connection to both the United States and Denmark was marked by having part of his ashes interred at Putnam cemetery in Greenwich, with a replica of Danish icon “The Little Mermaid” sitting on a large rock at the grave site and the other part in Western Jewish cemetery Denmark, Copenhagen.

Victor Borge was a frequent Guest at “The London Palladium” and was a very popular entertainer in Great Britain.




5 thoughts on ““Song/Performer For The Day”

    1. We used to have a programme on of a Sunday Night when I was a kid/teenager called “Sunday Night at The London Palladium” (the famous Palladium) and he so often was it, he would have the entire audience in raptures.

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