“Still Alone?

“Why are you still alone” he enquired of her,

“because that’s the way it has worked out,

and besides I don’t mind” she answered

“but you must get lonely” he said

“no I never feel lonely, it isn’t me” she answered

“not lonely for a man, to be loved, held”

he asked of her, as he sipped on his red wine

“I would be a liar if I never said I didn’t miss making love,

having a warm body next to me, feeling hands on my body,

a mouth and  tongue running across my skin…………..” she suddenly stopped

“stop” said Christopher “you make me want you more,

you have always known my feelings towards you Sophia,

after all we were lovers long before you met Dick

you haven’t forgotten that have you” he said as he

reached across the table and took Sophia’s hand

“no I haven’t forgotten Christopher, I loved you

then Dick came along and I just fell completely in love with him,

it was more intense there could be no other” she said

“its wrong of me to say this Sophia, but I have to, had Dick not died

would you have stayed with me” he asked of her

“yes oh yes” she answered with tears in her eyes

Christopher reached for his handkerchief dapped

at her eyes and said “then why not now Sophia, tell me”

“its too late, our Marriage was just as perfect

as I could ever have wanted, I can’t replace Dick, ever”

as she squeezed Christopher’s hand

“I don’t want you to replace him,

I just want to take care of you, the love I felt for you

all those years ago is the same now” he said

“Christopher you left here when I married, now you have come back

nearly ten years after Dick’s death, why now” she asked of him

“because I never left you, sure I moved away

but you were still there in my mind my heart,

I knew I would have to come back Sophia”

he was so adamant in saying to her

“I can’t promise anything Dick, I love you as I used to

I love you because you are my closest friend,

and I don’t have many friends and you are certainly the closet

but I can’t promise anything beyond that” she said

“then” answered Christopher at last with a smile

“than I shall settle for that, who knows what may happen” he said

Sophia stroked his cheek “who knows, lets see shall we”

“lets start with another glass of wine Sophia, agreed” asked Christopher

“agreed” answered Sophia




The Great Roy Orbison, not just a great voice but a lovely man.




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