“French Doors Ajar”

The French doors in the bedroom were ajar

as they were every evening

and especially when she retired to bed

it was hot at night, uncomfortable

So much so she slept naked

her Negligee would get twisted

between her thighs it would stay

some of it would twist under her breasts

make her breasts hot sweaty

stick to her breasts until she would

pull the top down to free her bosoms

her nipples were hard damp from the heat

she could not stand it

so she preferred to lay there on her bed

sleep naked, her flesh cooler

she was not asleep she knows she was not

or was she, she could not convince herself

asleep or not but how she must have been

then she saw him, there he stood

in the doorway, the Sea mist had risen

it was all behind him, around him

but there he stood his right hand out to her

she rose, her body damp from the heat

yet now she was cooler, must be the mist

who was he, she was not scared

not afraid to walk to him

there he stood, still his hand

outstretched to accept hers

she placerd her hand in his

and he placed his other hand, arm around her

he was not cold or hot he felt just perfect

he was a stranger yet she knew him, trusted him

he felt her face with his right hand, he held her jaw

and there in the mist around them he kissed her

his hand moved down to hold her bosom

as his mouth took her nipple and he tasted her

she heard herself moan, she was getting warm

she laid her head back, as his mouth moved slowly

to her other bosom and again his mouth found her

found her by now firm, waiting for him,

nipples erect waiting for his mouth, his tongue

how slowly his tongue would lick her nipples

he ran his hands up and down across her body

holding her bottom squeezing it until she cried out

she felt  his fingers slide underneath between her thighs

feeling her, his fingers sliding into her moving around

she screamed, not loudly, the feeling inside her

she pushesd his hand held it tight

as his fingers moved around in the dark

hot softly wet forest

she felt for his penis, she rubbed him

she need him in her, this man

this stranger, yet not a stranger

she needed to feel him deep inside her

suddenly he lifted her in his arms

and laid her on the bed

kissing her mouth

then he stood up and his clothes

began to drop to the floor

she looked at him reached out for him

he lifted her legs up, opened them wide

“oh,oh” she screamed

as he………………………………………..

It was bright, she woke

“where is he” she said as

her hands reached for him

she looked to the doors they were still open

she placed her hand underneath herself

she was wet, “he was here, it was real” she cried out

“who was he, will he be back”

her bosoms were rising

she felt her nipples

they were hard

as though waiting for his return?




“When A Man Loves A Woman”


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