I tried to sleep this morning, I say this morning because my normal bedtime is now 6am – mad, yes you could say that, I have trouble going to bed.  Anyhow going through my mind last night, this morning, were the theme junes from two incredible films.  I am not going to do any in depth film reviews just wanted to ask, do you remember theses two themes from these two films.


“The Deerhunter”, what a film, with Robert De Niro, Meryl Streep, Christopher Walken and a wonderful array of fine Actors.  A group of Friends who are heading off for Vietnam not realizing the horrors of that senseless War.   The beautiful “Cavatina” theme.










“The Missionary” yet again Robert De Niro, (another utterly fantastic performance by De Niro, and more to come,  before De Niro decided to make rubbish) Jeremy Irons, Liam Neeson, so we have American, English, Irish actors and many more in the fine cast.  A violent yet the most wonderfully shot film, a film that stays with you, the innocence, the courage, the so so senseless violence.  The music is composed by one of my favourite composers (I have several I adore), he is without doubt such an extraordinary man, a very nice Gentleman, a legend.  His name Ennio Morricone, if you do not know his work please look him up you will be more than surprised, believe me.






3 thoughts on ““Song/Performance”

  1. Great pieces, both! I have the soundtrack from The Mission somewhere around here. I loved both the music and the movie. When I saw that Martin Scorsese was releasing a movie called Silence about missionaries, I wondered if it would be as stunning as The Mission.

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