“As The Fire Flames Dance”

Lay in my arms

while we watch the flames

dance together in the fire

“are you warm enough” I ask

“yes” softly you answer

as I stroke your hair

and you tenderly

run your hands down and up

my legs that surround you

as you stroke the inside of my thighs

you lay between my legs

you can feel me behind you

your breasts look so inviting

your nipples firm as though to say

“they are here for your lips

your tongue to feel”

your small belly round and soft

like a cushion for my head to rest

I like to feel it, hold it

as you raise your head back

and look to me your lips parted

my mouth finds yours

I don’t want our lips to part

just hold them here

my hands cup your breasts

I pinch your nipples

how it excites you

you hold my hands on yours breasts

then you take my right hand

and run it slowly down your body

you are hot as you  hold my hand

take me to between your thighs

until you place my hand my fingers to you

feeling how warm you are

wet and excited, waiting, throbbing

your left hand reaches behind you

until you are holding my penis

gently squeezing it, in and out

your finger circles my tip

we then danced with the flames




Just so right, sit back – close your eyes and listen, imagine!!






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