“Poetry Afternoon”

Sorry I have been trying to catch up with things to do, have not done my Christmas cards yet, let alone gift buying!


The Poem today comes from a poet I have featured before, Walter Benton, the Romantic Poet, I guess I am in the mood for it.

It comes from the first of his only two books he wrote and published.

“Never A Greater Need”  it is diary form.


December 5, 1946.

Tonight I think of you with great tenderness.

My dear  .  .  .  O my lost!

I sweep aside the rubble of our years to see you clear of their shadow.


Tonight I remember you without passion  .  .  .  tenderly-

as a runaway child is recalled on the eve of Christmas.


Ah, love have we known  ..  .  .  sung love and cursed,

spring love Ohio-deep in hills and lilac, crocuses and dreams –

and winter in a drab Manhattan flat.


We cut across beliefs and customs, we by-passed rules –

scorning the wisest counsels and perjuring ourselves

to stay love when it would go  .  .  .  or end it when it tarried.


But tonight  .  .  .  tonight, all I remember is:

exactly years ago you entered the deep, the unknown forest of me –

and great bells rang like sunrise Easter morning.


I find that so sensual so romantic, and I make no apology for being a Romantic, I guess the thought of Romance, real or imagined has kept me going all these years.  I hope you enjoyed it as I did.




Matt Monro, so sadly missed – great voice.  Frank Sinatra would always ask him to tour with him when Sinatra came to the UK.


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