“Song/Performance Of The Day”

Perhaps another advert to laugh at, hope you enjoy.  This is from a very well known and respected Store in the UK  –  John Lewis.



More Animals, less people we could do without them, just lets have more animals please.








6 thoughts on ““Song/Performance Of The Day”

      1. My dog is usually a bundle of joy, but the other morning he stole my sausage breakfast and made me late for work. Still, he’s my buddy and I couldn’t stay mad at him. BTW, I responded to the question about the sketch. Of course you can, I just need to know which one. 🙂


  1. You can never stay angry with them, they love us unconditionally. Thanks Rob, I was worried I had offended you. Been trying to find it, I just remember this beautiful window and the back view of the body standing there.


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